MetroArchaeo 2023 Conference in Rome

Participation in the conference Metrology for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage - MetroArchaeo 2023 in Rome. Presentation of two posters under the framework of the "SPECIAL SESSION #21: Remote sensing methods and approaches for Underwater Cultural Heritage research and management" organized by Crescenzo Violante (ISPC – CNR), Barbara Davidde (Ministry of Culture, Italy) and Nikos Papadopoulos (IMS-FORTH).

Best Paper Award

Best Paper Award for the oral communication “Reconstructing Submerged and Buried Cultural Heritage from Shallow Water to Digital Environment with Geoinformatics”, by Nikos Papadopoulosat the 2nd Mediterranean Geosciences Union Annual Meeting (MedGU-22), held in Marrakech, on 27–30 November 2022.

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